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acm_logo If you’d like to follow up on some of the topics covered during Technology Test Drive, the ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) Digital Library can offer some interesting food for thought:

  1. One laptop per child: vision vs. reality
  2. Using open source software to engage students in computer science education
  3. Success and failure of audience response systems in the classroom
  4. Where are your manners?: Sharing best community practices in the web 2.0
  5. Blogs, reflective practice and student-centered learning
  6. The value of socially tagged urls for a search engine
  7. Lessons learned implementing an educational system in Second Life

The ACM Digital Library includes articles, reviews and conference proceedings of ACM, with over 50 years of archive and over 1 million bibliographic citations from major publishers in computing.

Access ACM Digital Library from the Library homepage -> Find -> Articles -> Computing -> Other Relevant Resources.

Please feel free to contact the Library Info Desk if you have any queries.

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