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More Power To The Students!

Welcome back students!!

We’ve been busy this summer providing you with more seating, more power for your laptops, and bigger, better computers.

Carrels with lights have a power outlet in the light fixture, so you will be able to plug in your laptop in the carrel without unplugging the lights to the carrel.  A power plug symbol has been attached to each carrel in the library that has power, so you can easily recognize which carrels have lights and an extra power outlet.  The light must be turned on for the outlet to work.

We’ve also attached power bars under most of the tables in the library; this provides plug-ins for up to four laptops.

Some of the periodical shelving has been removed from the library and been replaced with study carrels.  These carrels near the ESL collection will not be a quiet area until after ESL orientations are finished each semester.  There will be signs indicating when ESL orientations are in progress……

Watch this space for library updates!

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