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RLLC Blackfoot Translation App is Now Available

MRU Library is excited to announce that a mobile app that translates Blackfoot signage in the Riddell Library and Learning Centre (RLLC) into English is now available! DeciphAR uses augmented reality to provide audio and visual information about Blackfoot signage available throughout the RLLC. This project is a collaboration with Red Crow Community College in Lethbridge, and translations are provided by Elder Leo Fox. The audio information includes pronunciations of the Blackfoot phrases on the signs, while the Info cards offer an explanation of the translation. We are so pleased to offer a way for all RLLC visitors to better engage with way-finding signs and share important details of each Blackfoot translation.

DeciphAR was developed by third-year information design student, Chase Schraeder, who started in the Junior AR Developer position on the Library Visualization team this summer.

“Essentially all you do when you see a Blackfoot sign is point your phone at it,” explains Schraeder. “It will start scanning and what we dubbed an ‘info card’ will pop up. The cards provide the explanation, the English, the Blackfoot, and the button to listen to the pronunciation.”

We invite you to download DeciphAR and try it out. A table will also be set up at the West Entrance of the RLLC this Thursday (October 10) from 8:30am-4:30pm. Anyone interested is encouraged to stop by and the team that led the app development will be available for questions.

You can learn more about this project from an article recently published on called Wayfinding in Blackfoot.

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