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Cancellation Notice – GeoRef

Final day of access: June 30, 2020

Cost of resource: $5,280 

Reasons for cancellation:

  • Provides access to a limited number of full text titles, most of which are available through other Library databases
  • Usage for this resource has decreased in recent years

Alternate resources:


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at


Criteria for cancellation of electronic resources:

  • Usage: The use of each resource is considered, including frequency and relative amount of usage (for example compared to program size).
  • Cost: This criteria includes the cost of the resource but also consideration for a constellation of other factors such as continuing and unsustainable price increases from publishers, USD exchange rates, and recent government budget cuts. 
  • Uniqueness: Availability of alternate ways to access the same or comparable information source.
  • Content/access or interface design considerations: Unreliable access to full text results; poor user interface, currency, poor linking or indexing.

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