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Important Details on Library Access Starting Next Week


On August 12 we issued a release on the limited Library access available as of Monday, August 24. We now have new details to share that will help guide current students and those who are preparing to return for the fall semester:


September 1

All new and returning students registered for fall 2020 courses will be able to use their OneCard to access the main floor of the Library as of Tuesday, September 1.


August 24

Current students registered in summer courses that have specific exceptions that require them to be on campus (for example, in-person labs, etc), will be able to access the main floor of the Library as of Monday, August 24.


As mentioned in a previous post, the first-floor computer lab and study areas will be open to students with specific protocols to accommodate clean and distanced work areas for all visitors.

OneCard entry is available at the west entrance across from the EA building. There is an access pad where you can tap your OneCard to gain entry during open hours.

Please note that these are special accommodations for students who are required to be on campus and need a place to study in between an online course and an approved in-person exception and/or access to a computer. Printing is not available in the Library until further notice.

The Library Service Desk will continue to be completely virtual. Please reach out to our Service Desk staff through the chat option on the Library website or text your question to 587-400-8044.

Masks are mandatory in all indoor public spaces on campus.  Anyone coming to campus must wear a mask or face covering. This applies to students, employees, contractors and visitors.

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