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MRU media makers: 08/01/2015

MRU in the News

1.) Sexual assault awareness campaign kicks off across Alberta: (CBC — Gaye Warthe, professor)

2.) Empowering Alberta sexual assault survivors with #IBelieveYou: http://5e8 (Metro — Gaye Warthe, professor)

3.) Province-wide #ibelieveyou campaign launches with aim to bring awareness to sexual abuse in Alberta: (Calgary Sun — David Docherty, president)

4.) I Believe You campaign launched to help sexual assault victims come forward: (Calgary Herald — Gaye Warthe, professor)

5.) #IBelieveYou campaign launches: (NewsTalk 770 — David Docherty, president)

6.) New campaign to help Alberta survivors of sexual assault: (CTV Calgary)

* Gaye Warthe appeared on the 11:30 p.m. edition 

7.)  News Hour: Aug 31: (Global  News— Jack Dobbs, instructor [3:57])

*Gaye Warthe was also on the 11 p.m. News (Not available online)


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