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MRU media makers: 12/21/2015

MRU in the News
‘Indigenization’ hits campuses aiming to give students ‘baseline knowledge’ about First Nations, Metis and Inuit: (National Post)
Students/Experts/Alum in the News
1.) Abused women heal by supporting one another: (Herald — Erika Guzman, alum)
2.) Credit downgrade “no surprise,” former finance minister says: (Calgary Herald — Lori Williams, professor )
3.) Calgary app-makers pioneering the new wave of online giving: (CBC — James Stauch, institute director)
4.) Trudeau to review law allowing access to information: (The Canadian Press — Sean Holman, professor)
5.) Tait on Eight: Arts on the Wards raises spirits: (Edmonton Sun — Shirley Serviss, alum)

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