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MRU media makers: 02/18/2016

Students/Experts/Alum in the News
1.) Early years key to growth; Parents have myriad options available, from preschools and pre-kindergarten programs, to find the best fit: (Calgary Herald — Linda Sutherby, professor)
[Full version not available online]
2.) Rebel ban sparks debate over journalism in the digital era: (Global News — Duane Bratt, professor) & (The Rebel)
3.) Calgary oil drillers demand respect for industry: (CBC — Duane Bratt, professor)
4.) Notley’s job approval rating drops again as economy stumbles: (Calgary Herald — Duane Bratt, professor)
5.) The sound of music: (Prince George Citizen — Jeff Plotnick, Conservatory)
6.) What Alberta can learn from BC’s Consulting Mistakes: (The Reflector — Jennifer Pettit, professor)
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