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MRU media makers: 05/27/2016

Students/Experts/Alum in the News
1.) Public input needed to ensure survival of local journalism: (CBC — Sean Holman, professor)
2.) Conservatives prepare to chart new course at annual convention: (660 News)
3.) Land’s End at artsPlace: (Rocky Mountain Outlook — Ruberg-Gordon, Conservatory)
4.) How the wolf became Alberta’s scapegoat: (National Observer — Geordie Day, alum)
5.) Conservative win in Calgary-Heritage no sure thing: (Metro — Duane Bratt, professor)
Other notable mentions 
1.) The 6 big thinkers headlining the ‘academic Olympics’ in Calgary: (Calgary Herald)
2.) Local music footnote the Taboo Shackles reunite for ‘Unreal’ documentary: (Calgary Herald)
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