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MRU media makers: 10/27/2016

MRU in the News

1.) Contract faculty at Calgary University teaching more than tenured staff: (Metro News — David Docherty, president & Marc Schroeder, MRFA & Shifrah Gadamsetti, SAMRU)

2.) Tuition freeze not black and white: (The Gauntlet)


Students/Experts/Alum in the News 

1.) Study reveals residents’ attitudes toward flood-altered environment: (High River Times — Tim Haney, faculty & Caroline McDonald-Harker, faculty)

2.) Our Town: Where do jack-o’-lanterns shine the day after Halloween? (Swerve — Jarett Henderson, faculty)

3.) Because It’s 2016: Let’s Drag Access-to-Info Out of the Stone Age (The Tyee — Sean Holman, faculty)

4.) Men in compression tights bend gender norms: (Maclean’s — Will Rattray, student)


Other notable mentions

1.) A history of SAIT’s buildings’ names: (The Weal)

2.) Promoting multicultural society part of the Canadian identity: ( Lethbridge Herald — Francis Priestley) produced this list. 
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