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MRU Media Makers: 04/24/2017

MRU in the News

Seven PSE institutions highlighted for “impressive” career services in cross-Canada study: (Academica)

Reyn Johnson and Jeff Bird: Legacy lives on through students: (Calgary Journal — Cole Tuza, student & Taylor Jackson, student)


Students/Experts/Alum in the News

Fort McMurray one year later: What evacuation experts learned from facing the ‘worst case scenario’: (Metro News — Tim Haney, faculty)

A@Noon for Friday April 21, 2017: (CBC/Alberta@Noon — Doug King, faculty)

Alberta’s child welfare system is in a state of disrepair: (Alberta Native News — Peter Choate, faculty)

Other notable mentions

Calgary Performing Arts Festival results to April 22: (Calgary Herald)

The rising problem of theft at the University of Calgary: (The Gauntlet)


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