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MRU Media Makers: 05/19/2017

Students/Experts/Alum in the News

Lots of work ahead before Wildrose/PC merger can be called success: (660 News — Lori Williams, faculty) & (News Talk 770 — Duane Bratt, faculty) &

‘It’s a hostile takeover:’ Alberta experts, politicos react to the United Conservative Party: (Metro News) &

Lori Williams speaks to possible Wildrose/PC merger: (Global News)

Glass eyes, missing limbs, abstinence and more: They can prompt recurring questions — so what’s your spiel? (CBC/Alberta@Noon — Derek Beaulieu, faculty)

Police union leader slams lethal force review, accuses chief of bowing to ‘political pressure’: (Calgary Sun/Postmedia — Kelly Sundberg)

Other notable mentions 

Committee created to ensure sexual assault allegations are thoroughly investigated: (CTV News Calgary) &

Police to work with community agencies to scrutinize ‘unfounded’ sex assault cases: (Calgary Herald/Postmedia) &

Calgary police to adopt ‘Philadelphia Model’ of reviewing sexual assault cases deemed unfounded: (CBC News)


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