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MRU Media: 04/15/2019

This report is a weekday roundup of news about MRU, faculty experts, students and alumni, and other topics of interest.

MRU in the News

Alberta’s political Twitter audience possibly influenced by bots, report says: (Star Metro Calgary – Peter Ryan, faculty, featured MRU researcher)

School offers voting incentives: (CTV News Channel – Amanda LeBlanc, SAMRU)

Orange Chinook: new book navigates changing winds of Alberta politics:  (660 News, News 1130, Vancouver – Duane Bratt, faculty)

Even a map needs a starting point: 2019 MRU Map the System Challenge results: (Education News Canada – Joe Plant, Sierra Shade, Payton Glagau, Xander Jensen,  and Maja Pajevic, students; Roisin Dillon, alumna; Sean Carleton, faculty; Cathy Glover, staff)

Even with financial assistance many Calgary students are working part-time to keep debt down: (Calgary Journal – Jamie Barber, student)

Ex-Muslim-turned-atheist, Armin Navabi has his MRU event canceled following New Zealand terrorist attack: (The Reflector – David Docherty, president; Lesley Brown, provost.

Students/experts/alum in the news

Next premier faces rallies, protests and conspiracy theories: pundits: (Calgary Herald – Duane Bratt, faculty)

Mandell alleges fake robocalls: (CHED radio – Lori Williams, faculty)

Party leaders make their final push in Alberta election campaign:  (660 News – Lori Williams, faculty)

In Alberta’s election, everybody is ‘standing up’ to Justin Trudeau: (CBC News – Lori Williams, faculty)

Final push ahead for Alberta election: (CTV News Channel – Duane Bratt, faculty)

The House: The race to lead Alberta: (CBC Radio, The House – Lori Williams, faculty)

What does high turnout at advance polls mean?: (CBC News at 11 – David Taras, faculty)

Ex-MLAs lament “toxic” election campaign: (Calgary Sun/Calgary Herald – David Taras, faculty)

Leaders make final weekend push ahead of Alberta election: (CBC News – Lori Williams, faculty)

Last weekend of campaigning in Alberta: (CTV News Channel – Lori Williams, faculty)

RCMP executes warrant at UCP candidate’s business: (CTV News Channel – Duane Bratt, faculty)

Critics say RCMP investigations will hurt UCP candidate’s chances: (CTV News – Lori Williams, faculty)

Bozo eruptions: Will gaffes on social issues affect Alberta election results?: (CBC News, Toronto Star, The Canadian Press – (Lori Williams, faculty)

Over 500,000 votes cast in Alberta election advance polls: (Global News – Duane Bratt, faculty)

A guide to the Alberta election — the most unlikely political showdown in Canada: (Toronto Star – Duane Bratt, faculty)

Calgary remains ground zero in the last days of election:  (660 News – Lori Williams, faculty)

Top down or grassroots? NDP, UCP take differing approaches to gender balance:  (660 News, The Canadian Press – Lori Williams, faculty)

‘Seduction of secrecy’: Will anyone fix Alberta’s freedom of information system?: (Calgary Herald – Sean Holman, faculty)

Economy most important issue for many Albertans: (CBC Radio News – Lori Williams, faculty)

Polarizing Alberta election has some voters looking for a third option: (Star Metro Calgary – Duane Bratt, faculty)

Also worth noting

McGill University to stop using the Redmen name for sports teams: (Montreal Gazette)

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