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MRU Media: 07/17/2019

This report is a weekday roundup of news about MRU, faculty experts, students and alumni, and other topics of interest.

MRU in the News

Foothills WFC earn home-field advantage for UWS’s final-four championship: (Calgary Sun)

Students/experts/alum in the news

Braid: UCP solidarity, never a sure thing, shows some early cracks: (Calgary Herald – Bruce Foster, Duane Bratt, faculty)

City survey shows Calgarians feeling worse about quality of life; taxes are major issue: (Calgary Herald – Duane Bratt, faculty)

Why mental health stigma prevents university students from seeking help: (Calgary Journal – Erica Roberts, staff)

Also worth noting

Canadian men gain twice as much weight as women in 1st year university, study says: (CBC News)

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