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MRU Media: 12/02/2021

Faculty, alum, students in the media: 

The TikTok star behind Canada’s new—and less floppy—moose crossing sign: (Maclean’s – Chloe Chapdelaine, alumna)

Why are homes still being built along rivers? Flood victims disagree on the solution: (National Post, The Canadian Press, Yahoo News – Tim Haney, faculty)

Why do we still build on flood plains?: (News 770, CHQR, Nov. 30, 9:32 p.m., faculty) – Tim Haney, faculty)

Alberta Prime Time Politics Panel: (CTV 2 – Duane Bratt, faculty)

Also worth noting:

Sure, there’s Oxford, but growing number of U.K. students are choosing Canadian universities: (CBC News)

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