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MRU Media: 05/30/2023

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

Dawson Milliken commits to Mount Royal University: (MJHL Hockey – Dawson  Milliken, student) 

How the outcome of ‘battleground Calgary’ played into the UCP’s win: (CBC News – Lori Williams, faculty) 

What Danielle Smith’s Alberta election win means for the rest of Canada: (Global News – Lori Williams, faculty) 

Smith immediately looks to challenge Ottawa: (Global News Morning – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Alberta election: NDP makes gains, UCP Cabinet to look ‘very different’: (Global News – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

The UCP wins a majority in Alberta. Thank polarization for that: (The Hub – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Calgary seats to watch in Alberta’s election night: (CityNews – Lori Williams, faculty) 

‘Miracle on the Prairies’: (Politico – Lori Williams, Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Controversial campaign candidates to take seats in the Alberta Legislature: (Global News – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

News Talk Tonight: (News Talk 1010 – Lori Williams, faculty) 

Alberta voters go to the polls: (CTV News Channel – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Albertans cast their ballots: (CTV News Channel – Lori Williams, faculty) 

Competitive election historic: (QR News – Lori Williams, faculty) 

Alberta election in focus across Canada: (AM 900 – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Election campaign has delivered some surprises: (CBC Radio News – Lori Williams, faculty) 

Albertans head to polls in competitive election: (CBC News Channel – Lori Williams, faculty) 

UNA awards 15 nursing education scholarships plus one CFNU scholarship: (United Nurses of Alberta – Larissa Paige Eifler, Samantha Leak, students) 

Rising concern on perinatal health care in Malaysia: (The Sun, Malaysia – Aliyah Dosani, faculty) 

Also worth noting

University students impacted by new credit card transaction fees: (CTV News)

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