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MRU Media: 05/08/2024

MRU in the media

Revv52 Presents: On Broadway!: (Global News Morning – Bella Concert Hall) 

Boardwalk to Develop Marda Loop MF Project: (Connect Canada CRE)

My Trans Awakening—at Age 66: (Macleans)

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

Another public consultation? Skepticism grows as Alberta launches survey on auto insurance: (CBC News – Lori Williams, faculty) 

Alberta launches public consultations on auto insurance changes: (CBC Radio, Edmonton AM – Lori Williams, faculty

New student presidents settling into their roles at MRU and U of C: (CBC Calgary – Tala Abu Hayyaneh, student/SAMRU REC President)

Why media policy desperately needs input from health sector and wider civil society: (Croakey – Archie McLean & Peter Ryan, faculty)

May 07 Politics Panel on Alberta Primetime: (CTV2/Alberta Primetime – Archie McLean, faculty)

The Science Behind with Dan Devoe… optimism: (Re-airing of Friday QR Calgary interview on all Corus radio stations across Canada – Dan Devoe, faculty)

OPINION: Doing the same things over and again will not lead to different results: (The Hill Times – Paul Varella, faculty)

Peculiar produce helping cut grocery bills, amid challenges to healthy eating: (CTV Calgary – Caitlin Zorn, student)

Also worth noting

Researchers from the University of Winnipeg, MacEwan University and Memorial University to analyze workplace stress for public safety officials in Alberta: (Education News Canada)

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