Mount Royal University Blogs

About Blogging at MRU

Mount Royal uses WordPress for blogging. (To familiarize yourself with WordPress simply go to Here are a few general guidelines to help you get started:

  • A number of popular themes have been downloaded for your use, as you wish. They are available through the Appearance section of your dashboard. We do ask that you not use the MRU Default theme as that is reserved for official University blogs.
  • Through the Settings => Discussion section of your dashboard, you can control how to handle comments. For example, you may choose to allow anonymous comments, or filter out certain words.
  • Through the Settings => Privacy section of your dashboard, you can list your blog on the MRU blogroll page. This will make your blog visible to all viewers.
  • Each blog is allocated 10M of space. Faculty and staff should email to request an increase if more space is needed.
  • Mount Royal welcomes bloggers who are passionate about their subject matter. That being said, all MRU-affiliated blogs must reflect a professional and respectful tone and adhere to the following institutional guidelines:

Be sure to review and familiarize yourself with the above guidelines – and enjoy Blogging at MRU