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MRU Media: 03/27/2023

MRU in the media

AI can write essays now — what that means for Calgary universities and colleges: (CBC News – Chris Rogerson, director)

Youth hiring fair looking to connect young Calgarians with summer jobs: (Calgary Herald/Calgary /sun – Sarah Imran, director) 

MRU Cougars women’s hockey celebrating national championship on campus Monday: (Global News – MRU Cougars, Kaitlyn Ross, Breanne Trotter, students) 

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

Calgary’s high unemployment, countless looking for work a ‘disconnect’: experts: (Global News – Spirit River Striped Wolf, alum;  Anupam Das, faculty) 

‘Dream big and find your journey from there’: ( – Aisha Visram, alumna) 

Toews, Savage withdrawal from election could cast doubts on premier, say experts: (Calgary Herald/Calgary Sun – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Alberta finance minister, environment minister won’t seek re-election this May: (CBC News – Duane Bratt, Lori Williams, faculty) 

Ministers not running brings UCP closer to old Wild Rose Party: (CBC Radio news – Lori Williams, faculty)

Two cabinet ministers not running next election: (CityNews radio – Lori Williams, faculty) 

Soccer’s Gagan, McFadden commit to play in Peterborough: (Hamilton Spectator/Toronto Star– Catriona McFadden, alumna) 

‘Beef for Biden’: Alberta favourite featured on dinner menu for presidential visit to Ottawa: (CTV News – Lori Williams, faculty) 

Alberta grassroots group influencing UCP as elections near: political scientist: (CityNews – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Also worth noting

Education workers threaten Monday strike at Carleton University: (CTV News) 

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MRU Media: 03/24/2023

MRU in the media

Hockey Alberta university spotlight: (MRU Women’s hockey team)

Mount Royal Announces Appointment of New Chief Information Officer: (Education News Canada – Tom Durnin, CIO)

Monet Alonso-Cruz, Kyle Cordeiro sign with Electric City FC:  (Niagara Falls Review, Toronto Star & Peterborough Examiner – Money Alonso-Cruz, student athlete)

Fort McMurray’s Lindsey Janes on gold medal victory with MRU Cougars: (Fort McMurray Today, Peace River Gazette & Cold Lake Sun – Lindsey James, student athlete)

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

Vivacity showcase tackles the experience of newcomers to Calgary: (Livewire Calgary – Catherine Pearl, faculty, MRU students)

Is Alberta’s economy reaching a turning point? (QR Calgary 107FM/770AM – David Finch – faculty) March 23rd halfway through the 1:00 p.m. hour

Horses in ancient art: What were the artists seeking to convey?: (Horse Talk New Zealand – Carolyn Willekes, faculty) 

US President Joe Biden visits Canada: (City News Radio Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchener/Waterloo, Halifax – Lori Williams, faculty)

Bring on the nostalgia: Zellers celebrates grand re-opening in Calgary: (CTV Calgary & – David Finch, faculty)

Also worth noting

$30M to be spent on trades, technology programming in Alberta over next 3 years: 

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MRU Media: 03/23/2023

MRU in the media

Calgary ranks as top city for students across the Prairies: (CityNews  – Shea Ellingham, staff; multiple MRU students) 

Calgary is a Top Destination for International Students: (Study in Canada) 

Sufi composer Shumaila Hemani shapes soundscapes for climate justice: (National Observer – Shumaila Hemani, Trico Changemakers Studio Artist in Residence) 

Amundson golden with MRU at U SPORTS Women’s Hockey Championship: (Prince Albert Now – Camryn Amundson, Breanne Trotter, Emma Bergesen, students) 

Mount Royal Cougars men’s hockey team prepares for next season after a crushing playoff elimination: (Calgary Journal – Bert Gilling, staff; Jackson Berry student) 

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

2023 Esquao Awards recipients to be honored at gala in Calgary: (CFWE – Audra Foggin (Moyah), faculty) 

Youth in mental health crisis: (CityNews – Carolyn McDonald-Harker, faculty) 

With economy on the rise, Alberta leads country in interprovincial migration: (Calgary Herald/Calgary Sun – Anupam Das, faculty) 

Politics Briefing: books, Blue Storm: (Globe and Mail – Richard Sutherland, faculty) 

David Finch on business class: (CBC Radio, Calgary Eyeopener – David Finch, faculty) 

Taking Back Alberta? Questions surround right-wing group and its political power: (CTV News – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

PM’s chief of staff to testify over foreign interference: (CBC Radio News – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Alberta Prime Time Politics Panel: (CTV 2 – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Also worth noting

Iconic Alberta grain elevators being digitally preserved in virtual reality project: (CBC News) 

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MRU Media: 03/22/2023

MRU in the media

Blazing a new trail in fire forensics: (Canada Foundation for Innovation – Gwen O’Sullivan, faculty)

MRU Cougars celebrate first national title: (Global News – Tatum Amy, Emma Bergesen, students; Scott Rivett, staff) 

Micro galleries highlighting MMIWG stories aim to reconcile through knowledge and art: (CBC News – linda manyguns, AVP) 

Where was ‘The Last of Us’ filmed? The actual location of the apocalypse: (Business News) 

Pedro Pascal petitioned to be Calgary Stampede parade marshal: (CityNews) 

Reflections on the U of L a year after strike/lockout: (Lethbridge Herald) 

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

Boosting the retention of employees when they return from overseas: (Forbes – Adam Cave, Michael Roberts, faculty) 

Cavalry FC adds two goalkeepers to roster: (Calgary Sun/Calgary Herald – Sterling Kerr, alumnus) 

Q&A: Breaking down the 2023 Alberta budget with MRU political scientist Lori Williams: (Calgary Journal – Lori Williams, faculty) 

Council of Alberta University Students launch Get Out The Vote campaign: (The Gateway) 

Also worth noting

UTT signs MoU with Red Deer Polytechnic: (Trinidad and Tobago Guardian) 

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MRU Media: 03/21/2023

MRU in the media

‘No words to describe it’: Cougars women’s hockey team heads home on high note: (CTV News, CTV News at 6 – Breanne Trotter, Emma Bergeson, Kaitlyn Ross, students; Scott Rivett, staff)

University, college sports roundup: Local players part of national U Sports women’s hockey champions: (Everything GP – Athena Hauck, Tianna Yaremko, Quinn Pelland, students)

MRU Cougars win first USports national championship: (QR News – MRU Cougars women’s hockey) 

MRU Cougars women’s hockey win first USports championship: (CBC News at 6) 

MRU Cougars on cloud 9 after historic win: (Global News broadcast) 

Petition launched to have Last of Us star Pedro Pascal as the Calgary Stampede parade marshal: (LiveWire Calgary) 

Reflections on the U of L a year after strike/lockout: (Lethbridge Herald) 

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

3D printed guns have law enforcement playing catchup: (Global National – Doug King, faculty)

Also worth noting

MUN to pay tuition refunds to some students for time lost during faculty strike: (CBC News) 

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MRU Media: 03/20/2023

MRU in the media

MRU Cougars complete Cinderella run with national women’s hockey crown: (Calgary Sun/Calgary Herald – MRU Cougars women’s hockey) 

Bergesen scores U Sport golden goal for Cinderella Cougars, tip Concordia 4-3 in OT: (Canadian Press via CTV News – MRU Cougars women’s hockey) 

Congratulations to MRU Cougars from Ron MacLean, Hockey Night in Canada: (Sportsnet Hockey Night in Canada) 

Ramsay’s winner sends Mount Royal to national championship final: (CBC Sports – MRU Cougars women’s hockey) 

MRU Cougars back to finish business at women’s volleyball nationals: (MRU Cougars women’s volleyball; Haley Roe, student, Shane Smith, staff) 

MRU Cougars in women’s national hockey final: (CityNews) 

Concordia faces Mount Royal University in women’s hockey final: (CBC Radio News Montreal) 

Alberta teams compete at USports nationals: (QR News – MRU Cougars)

Blues drop U SPORTS quarterfinal to Mount-Royal University Cougars: (The Varsity – MRU Cougars women’s hockey) 

Manitoba Bisons score upset win over MRU at volleyball nationals: (CBC Radio News – MRU Cougars women’s volleyball) 

They dig dinosaurs: Symposium at MRU brings together amateurs and professionals: (CTV News)

Paleo 2023 brings dinosaur experts, public to Mount Royal University: (CTV News at 5)

More than 100 athletes turn out for RBC Training Ground at Mount Royal University: (CTV News at 6) 

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

Here’s where to see Irish history in Calgary this St. Patrick’s Day: (CBC News – Michele Holmgren, faculty) 

Alberta analysts closely watching ‘drastic’ oil slump: (CTV News – Lori Williams, faculty) 

Youth mental health a concern as Canada sees pair of alleged deadly domestic disputes: (CityNews – Kelly Sundberg, faculty) 

Calgary businessman pleads guilty to money laundering charge in connection with major drug bust: (Calgary Herald/Calgary Sun – Nakita Baron, student) 

Rapid deployment of body cameras for police unrealistic: (Canadian Press broadcast – Doug King, faculty) 

Deep impact on family and friends of slain police officers: (CBC Edmonton News broadcast – Doug King, faculty) 

Alberta Prime Time Politics Panel: (CTV 2 – Lori Williams, faculty) 

Also worth noting

University of Alberta satellite headed into orbit to help track wildfires: (Edmonton Journal) 

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MRU Media: 03/17/2023

MRU in the media

MRU Cougars topple top-seeded Varsity Blues at women’s hockey nationals: (Calgary Sun/Calgary Herald – MRU Cougars) 

MRU Cougars return to women’s hockey nationals three years after COVID cancellation: (Calgary Sun/Calgary Herald – MRU Cougars) 

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

Will immigration plans help solve the talent crisis?: (Human Resources Director – Melanie Peacock, faculty) 

‘Profound grief’: Calgarians mourn the loss of 2 slain Edmonton police officers: (CTV News – Kelly Sundberg, faculty) 

Also worth noting

New Student Legal Advocacy Centre at University of Regina helps students get competent legal advice: (Canadian Lawyer) 

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MRU Media: 03/16/2023

MRU in the media

Vibrant Communities Calgary research goes Beneath the Surface well being in the city: (LiveWire Calgary – Marshall McCallum, alumnus, student researcher) 

Canada: 2023 Alberta Budget Summary: (Mondaq) 

U Sports University Cup littered with former Royals and former WHL players from Island: (Victoria Times Colonist – MRU Cougars) 

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

Calgary club, museum partner for symposium: (Canadian Coin News – Carolyn Willekes, faculty) 

Double stabbing at downtown CTrain station re-ups concerns over transit safety: (Calgary Herald/Calgary Sun – Kelly Sundberg, faulty) 

Alberta’s plan to mandate police body cameras could be expensive: criminologist: (Canadian Press via CTV News – Doug King, faculty)

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s approval rating below 50%, according to Angus Reid poll: (Global News – Duane Bratt, faculty)

Calgary city council briefed on recall petition process: (Global News – Lori Williams, faculty) 

Take Back Alberta, far right radical group, continues its effort to take over UCP: ( – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Electric City FC name starting goalkeepers for 2023 season: (The Record – Ethan Keen, alumnus) 

Also worth noting

Province auditing Calgary college, suspends student loan access citing ‘poor practices’: (Calgary Herald/Calgary Sun) 

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MRU Media: 03/15/2023

MRU in the media

Vivacity focuses on the immigrant experience: (News 770, CHQR, 5:25 p.m., March 14 – Catherine Pearl, faculty) 

HBO’s The Last Of Us: Visit These 10 Canadian Filming Locations: (The Travel) 

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

Bioelectronics pioneer Neursantys expands executive team, advisory board, and investor base: (IEN Presswire – Jocelyn Rempel, faculty) 

Calgary city council to debate safety bylaws after protests at library drag events: (CityNews – Doug King, faculty) 

Implementing safety bylaw presents challenges: (CityNews 660 radio – Doug King, faculty) 

Discussing rise in ghost guns in Calgary: (QR News – Doug King, faculty) 

Recall legislation problematic: (QR News – Lori Williams, faculty) 

Council discusses recall, but bar impossibly high: (Global News – Lori Williams, faculty) 

Take Back Alberta a group to watch closely: (News 770, CHQR – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Also worth noting 

Brandon U needs to build ‘safe athletics environment,’ review says after reported sexual harassment by coach: (CBC News) 

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MRU Media: 03/14/2023

MRU in the media

Government announces funding to support aviation at MRU: (Education News Canada – Tim Rahilly, President; Ashleigh Morrow, student) 

Bridge to Canadian Nursing: Alberta’s plan to support internationally trained nurses in their transition to Canada: (The Reflector – Robyn Stewart, faculty)

UCP spending $200 million to train more nurses and doctors: (Western Standard) 

Training more doctors and nurses: (Government of Alberta) 

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

Calgary set to introduce process for recall petitions: (Calgary Herald/Calgary Sun – Lori Williams, faculty) 

City outlines rules on recall petitions for council members: (CBC News – Lori Williams, faculty) 

‘Too much work, too little return’: Calgary council to discuss recall legislation: (CTV News – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Inside Alberta’s battle against the rise of ‘ghost guns’: (CBC News – Doug King, faculty) 

Ghost guns a growing challenge for police: (CBC Radio News – Doug King, faculty) 

Also worth noting

Several Canadians to play key roles in NCAA March Madness tournaments: (Canadian Press, Yahoo Sports) 

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