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Sign-ups are now open

Sign-ups for this pilot project are now open. Please read the information about the project in the post below, then click Getting Started at the top of the page to get your own blog!

2 thoughts on “Sign-ups are now open

  1. On the whole, I think this is a great idea!

    Will it be possible to create “departmental” blogs? It might be nice to create spaces for departments or faculties. I have my own off-campus blog and don’t really want to do another here, but I’d be happy to contribute to a collective one for my department or faculty.

    This might also be useful as so many departments and faculties are going through big transitions so they’d have a place where they could easily make announcements, and discuss other issues.

    Question: are these blogs public, do readers need MRC accounts, or is this something that can be set individually for each post?


  2. Hi Katrin,

    It certainly is possible to create departmental blogs, just pick a name and create the blog. I’ve now set it up so that people can sign up more than one blog per account if they wish (assuming they have an address), they just return to the blog sign-up page while logged in and it will allow creation of a second (or third etc) blog.

    Also, by signing up for “Just an account please” on the sign-up page, people can get accounts on the system without needing a blog of their own. Then the creator/owner of the departmental blog can assign those users publishing rights on the blog.

    This sort of use is definitely one of the things that we want to explore as part of the pilot, although it is also an area where other products that are more integrated with college systems might be a better tool. There is testing and development going on to test integration of blogs built in this system with official college sites for example, and that work is ongoing.

    The blogs are public by default, but reader restrictions are possible. I think I need to go hunt down a plug-in to make a whole blog require readers to be subscribed to see posts. I’ve added it to my list of plugins to look at. It is already possible to create a password for an individual post.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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