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MRU media makers: 10/31/2016

MRU in the News

1.) Suffering from a learning disability? Tough luck:  (The Reflector — Steve Fitterer, VP & Peter Brodsky, staff)

2.) Do you stand up for Gender Equality on campus? (The Reflector — Annie Telfer, student & Skylar Caldwell, student)

3.) “How do we live together?” (The Reflector — Raj Lahhen, student & Kieauna Kittlaus, student)

Students/Experts/Alum in the News

1.) Carbon tax talk set to dominate fall Legislature sitting: (News Talk 770 — Duane Bratt, faculty) & (Calgary Herald/Postmedia)

2.) Alberta, Canada to remember a “consummate politician” in State Memorial: (660 News — Keith Brownsey)

Other notable mention

Study English at Mount Royal University: (Asian Correspondent) produced this list.
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