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MRU media makers: 12/01/2016

MRU in the News

Mount Royal University reprioritizes Wi-Fi access: (Metro News —Shifrah Gadamsetti, SARMU)


Students/Experts/Alum in the News

1.) Approval of Alberta pipelines leaves opposition in a tough spot: (Edmonton Sun/Postmedia — Duane Bratt, faculty)

2.) Justin Trudeau boxed himself in on more than just pipelines: Chris Hall: (CBC — David Taras, faculty)

3.) Calgary criminologist says policing review needed: (Calgary Herald/Postmedia — Kelly Sundberg, faculty)

4.) Disconnect between training and use-of-force concerns public, Calgary criminologist says: (CBC  — Ritesh Narayan, faculty)

5.) Addressing porn in the education system: (Alberta Primetime/CTV — Caroline McDonald-Harker, faculty) 

6.) PC Party and Alberta Party members talk potential merger: (Metro News — Lori Williams, faculty)

7.) A Chinese piano prodigy is lighting up the internet with her rendition of Mozart’s Turkish March: (Quartz — Yuja Wang, Conservatory)


Other notable mentions

1.) We All Pay The Price For Runaway Political Correctness On Campus: (Huffington Post)

2.) New television movie filmed in Bragg Creek: (Cochrane Eagle) curated this list. 
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