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MRU Media Makers: 03/23/2018

MRU in the News

Lesley Brown on her first year at MRU: (The Reflector – Lesley Brown, Provost)

Students/Experts/Alum in the News

Political reaction to the 2018 Alberta budget: (Global News – Duane Bratt, Faculty)

Alberta Budget 2018: (CBC News at 11, 04:29 – Duane Bratt, Faculty)

Police scanners set to go silent as Alberta moves to centralized radio system: police chief: (Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal – Sean Holman, Faculty)

Sanderson Enjoys Rookie Year at Mount Royal: (Westman Journal – Andrea Sanderson, Student)

How Calgary’s accessibility problems affects its citizens: (Calgary Journal – Shailynn Taylor, Student)

Also worth noting:

Alberta budget 2018: Post-secondary students applaud continued tuition freeze: (Edmonton Journal)

Education budget vows to fund enrolment growth: (Calgary Herald)

Paula Simons: Cabinet minister’s attack raises fear University of Alberta ‘going to be punished’: (Edmonton Journal)

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