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MRU Media 01/26/2022

MRU in the media: 

Students, faculty fear disruption as bargaining hits impasse at MRU and University of Lethbridge: (Global News – Lee Easton, MRFA; Brendan Correia, SAMRU)

Alberta scientist solves Burgess Shale  fossil mystery: (CHED 630; CHQR, News 770 – Paul Johnston, faculty)

Faculty, students and alumni in the media: 

Could understanding the history of anti-vaccine sentiment help us to overcome it?: (The Guardian – Paula Larsson, alumna)

Neil Young’s stand over Joe Rogan puts Spotify in awkward light: (CBC Radio News – Richard Sutherland, faculty) 

Kenney says he’s working with U.S. governors on pressing Trudeau, Biden to lift trucker vaccine mandate: (Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun – Lori Williams, faculty)

Steven Gibb pursued painting and photography after a second chance at life: (Globe and Mail – Steven Gibb, alumnus)

Also worth noting: 

SFU students stage walkout to protest return to in-person learning: (CTV News)

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