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MRU Media 03/15/2022

MRU in the media

Alberta universities aiding Ukrainian students: (CTV News at 5) 

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

Why Canadian Paralympians don’t get paid for medals: (CBC Radio, Calgary Eyeopener – David Legg, faculty)

The magic of Macbeth: Shakespeare Company brews up a goblin version of the murderous king: (Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun – Rebecca Northan, Bruce Horak, Haysam Kadri, alumni)

No great outcome for Kenney in byelections: (CFAX 1070 – Duane Bratt, faculty)

Best result for Kenney would be NDP win in byelection: (CBC Radio News – Duane Bratt, faculty)

Also worth noting

U of S men’s basketball coach resigns after allegation involving offensive music at practice: (CTV News)

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