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MRU Media 03/17/2022

MRU in the media

MRU’s student association pushes back against lifting mask mandates: (CBC News – Spirit River Striped Wolf, SAMRU; Demetrios Nicolaides, minister)

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

St. Patrick’s Day: How Irish-born writers contributed to Canadian and Irish histories: (The Conversation, National Post – Michele Holmgren, faculty)

Albertans send cash to Ukraine by renting Airbnb room without staying: (CTV News – James Stauch, Institute for Community Prosperity)

Businesses eye recovery after two years of COVID survival: (Calgary Herald – David Finch, faculty)

Calgary police ask protesters to ‘stay away’ from Beltline this weekend: (CBC News – Kelly Sundberg, faculty)

Beltline protests: (CBC Radio, Alberta at Noon – Kelly Sundberg, faculty)

Police directive to stay away baffles mayor: (CBC Radio News – Kelly Sundberg, faculty)

Brian Jean targets Jason Kenney, rallying member votes for UCP leadership after byelection victory: (CTV News – Duane Bratt, faculty)

Wildcats forward earns top scholastic award: (SwiftCurrent Online – Kiana McNinch, student)

Also worth noting

Dr. Geoff Payne becomes UNBC’s sixth president: (MyPGNow)

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