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MRU Media 03/23/2022

MRU in the media

University efforts to support those impacted by Ukraine invasion: (University Affairs)

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

More youth leaving Alberta than moving in for first time in generations: reports: (CTV News – David Finch, faculty) 

New report says youth leaving Alberta: (News 770, CHQR, March 22, 5:09 p.m. – David Finch, faculty)

Young people leaving because they don’t see diverse Alberta economy: (CityNews 660 –David Finch, faculty)

This is why youth say they’re leaving Alberta: (CBC News – David Finch, faculty)

‘We are still in shock’: Family of Calgary woman killed in random attack grieving her loss: (Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun – Doug King, faculty)

World Water Day – Innovations that make a difference: (TC Energy – Roger Saint-Fort, faculty)

Kenney slams confidence agreement between Liberals and NDP: (Global News – Lori Williams, faculty)

Striking a deal to keep government running: (Global News, Mornings with Simi – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Liberal, NDP confidence agreement rejected by Premier Kenney: (CTV News – Duane Bratt, faculty)

What does deal between Liberals and NDP mean?: (News 770, CHQR – Lori Williams, faculty)

Deal with Liberals, NDP unusual at federal level:  (CBC Radio – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Legislation to lower voting age aims to improve democracy, but skeptics have concerns: (Epoch Times – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Unity key to federal Conservartive future: (News 770, CHQR – Duane Bratt, faculty)

‘Underhanded’: United Conservatives are arguing over how to conduct a historic vote on Jason Kenney’s political future: (Toronto Star – Lori Williams, faculty)

Also worth noting

Historic University of Calgary proposal in the Cree language challenges how Indigenous cultures are studied: (Global News) 

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