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MRU Media: 07/20/2023

MRU in the media

County uses new mapping tool to show preferred sites for future solar and wind development projects: (St. Albert Gazette – Miistakis Institute) 

Cypress County looks at mapping ag productivity: (Medicine Hat News) 

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

Charitable Choices: Ashleigh Imbery of Antyx Community Arts: (Calgary Guardian – Ashleigh Imbery, alum) 

Calgarian calls for further protections in reporting overdoses: (CityNews – Doug King, faculty) 

Inflation relief felt largely at gas pumps; rising cost of food remains a struggle: (CTV News – Anupam Das, faculty) 

Outside attacker Paul Dionne signs with Kodiaks men’s volleyball team: (Lethbridge News Now – Paul Dionne, alum) 

Criminologist says Edmonton safer now overall than in 1990s: (Citynews Edmonton –  Doug King, faculty) 

Also worth noting

The UK’s top universities reached an agreement on how to deal with generative AI: (Quartz) 

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