The Roderick Mah Centre

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Arlana Bennett-Cooke

The Roderick Mah Centre for Continuous Learning is 43% more energy efficient than conventional buildings. The building is designed to meet both The Canadian Federal Government’s Commercial Building Incentive Program (CBIP), which requires that the building’s energy performance be a minimum of 25% better than an equivalent building designed to meet the Canadian Model National Code for Building, and The Canadian Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold standard.

R. Boschman

As the Roderick Mah Centre for Continuous Learning building has met LEED Gold Standard, there are a number of mechanical systems proposed that are different from traditional buildings. A Green Building usually has half the energy and water consumption of a typical building. The idea is to construct a high performance building, spending more on the building envelope and down-sizing the mechanical systems. Some examples of this include:

  • Use of recycled building materials
  • Pressed straw ceiling tiles
  • Wheat board paneling
  • Recycled paint
  • Carpet made with recycled wool
  • Rain water collected and pumped to toilets and outside irrigation system
  • Municipal water cooling
  • Displacement ventilation system
  • Operable windows
  • Solar chimneys
  • Waterless urinals
  • 100% spaces day-lit