Signature Event Planning Committee

The Signature Event Committee (SEC) aims to celebrate the contributions of registered and practical nurses, allied health partners, stakeholders, and collaborators across health and illness care sectors in Alberta.  The SoNM’s annual event seeks to illuminate the connection between undergraduate healthcare education and interprofessional practice outcomes.  The SEC is lead by:

Planning Committee

  • Darlene Dawson, MN, RN
  • Robyn Stewart, MN, RN
  • Isabella Sanchez (MRBN Student Representative)
  • Stephanie Zettel, MN, RN
  • Lisa Zubach, MSN, RN AHS (Education Consultant)
  • Genevieve Currie, MN, RN,  ex officio (Faculty Scholar)
  • Liam Haggarty, Ph.D. ex officio (Office of Academic Indigenization)
  • Steve Kooteney-Jobin, BA (sociology), ex officio (Iniskim Centre) 
  • Paula Price, Ph.D, RN, ex officio (SoNM Director)
  • Francesca Simon,  ex officio (Iniskim Centre)
  • Renae Watchman, Ph.D. ex officio (Office of Academic Indigenization)

Signature Event Co-Chairs

  • Susan Jacoby, DNP, CNM, RM
  • Gregg Trueman, Ph.D, NP, CHPCN(c)