Under Western Skies is the 2015 Winner of the ESAC ECO Award

R. Boschman

Under Western Skies is the recipient of a fourth consecutive Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Connections Grant.

Under Western Skies is the 2015 Winner of the ESAC ECO Award, given by the Environmental Studies Association of Canada. The ECO award was presented at the 2015 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences held at the University of Ottawa.

UWS2014 Keynote and Plenary Panel Videos coming soon!

Under Western Skies is an ESAC 2014 ECO Award Finalist (Honorable Mention).

UWS2012 Keynote and Plenary Panel Videos are online:

Donald Worster, “Facing Limits: The Limits-to-Growth Controversy Since 1972”: http://youtu.be/M76Jot0VQE0

Alanna Mitchell, “Finding Hope in the CarbonCrisis”: http://youtu.be/2B4VsgsXxNM

Canada Parks Panel, “Ecological Integrity in Canada’s National Parks”: http://youtu.be/byfkAo6y64o

Gary Paul Nabhan, “Prophetic Agrarian Visions of the West”: http://youtu.be/qcFVp48MEl0

Louise B. Halfe, “Green Earth–The Wounded Healer”: http://youtu.be/s05nVTNIfZo

Tom Radford, “Making a Film About Science and the Oilsands”: http://youtu.be/Y2c4xZ90e70

Scott Denning, “Responding to Climate Change in the Third Millennium”: http://youtu.be/xmMu_WGkXUY

Mishka Lysack and Preston Manning, “Is It Possible to be a Green Tory?”: http://youtu.be/3qDpNCj2Cyo

Final Keynote Roundtable: http://youtu.be/ZdwnFbclm9k

Jessica Ernst and Peter Von Tiesenhausen Panel, “Secrets of a Frac Cover-Up” and “Alternative Strategies”: http://youtu.be/yfhHwWkMY7Y