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Bissett Associate Professors, Peacock and Finch have paper published in Education + Training

 Congratulations to Bissett Associate Professors,  Melanie Peacock and David Finch on their most recent publication:
Finch, D. J., Peacock, M.J., Foster, W., & Levallet, N. (2016). A dynamic capabilities view of employability: Exploring the drivers of competitive advantage for university graduates, Education and Training, 58(1), 61-81. Emerald Insight.
On behalf of the Bissett School of Business, we extend congratulations to David and Melanie for their success.
For more information regarding this  research paper, please follow the link:
Dr. Melanie Peacock continues to share her expertise in the HR field, most recently as the keynote speaker at the HRIA Calgary Chapter evening event on January 19th where she addressed the topic of “Sustaining & Growing the HR Profession” as well as hr continued media contributions:
2016, January 28, on CKYE 93.1 RED FM South Asian Broadcasting Corp. Surrey, British Columbia, by Thind, H. Changing faces of workplaces.
2016, January 26, on Alberta@Noon:  CBC, by McElligott D. Taking a step down on the career ladder.
2016, January 13, on Alberta@Noon:  CBC, by McElligott D. Working from home and flexibility for the workforce.