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Networking Day 2020: A direct link to the workforce

January 30th seen the latest edition of the Networking Day 2020: A direct link to the workforce  and it was a big success!

Focusing the workshops on building interpersonal skills to aid in effective networking, and providing a conduit to companies actively recruiting through the Career Expo, provided the experiential impact that Bissett School of Business offers our students.

On behalf of the Bissett and Communications Studies faculties, we thank the organization committee, the many faculty, students and staff volunteers as well as our valued alumni for their participation.

ND – Workshop
ND – Finance Workshop
ND – Workshop
ND – Career Expo
ND – Career Expo
ND- Career Expo
ND – Roderick Mah
ND- Supply Chain Breakfast

Bissett professor Tashfeen Hussain active in various research projects

Bissett School of Business congratulates Assistant Professor, Tashfeen Hussain for being selected to contribute a chapter to the upcoming book titled, “Corporate Fraud Exposed”.  The title of the chapter that Tashfeen  will be writing is “The Spillover Impact of Corporate Fraud on Peer Firms”.  The selection process has been quite intensive.  The book will be edited by Dr. Kent Baker, Dr. Lynnette Purda and Dr. Samir Saadi.  The book will be published by Emerald Publishing. Tashfeen expects to have the final draft of the chapter ready by June, 2020.  The book is intended to be used at PhD programs in Finance.


As part of the faculty’s  Apaat tsi kani takiiks initiative, Tashfeen and Associate Professor Allan Dwyer have had their proposal approved for developing  a teaching case focusing on indigenous related issues.    The focus of the case will be “Estimating the cost of capital for an indigenous business and evaluating strategies to reduce the cost of capital”.

“The Apaat tsi kani takiiks project is an initiative from Bissett School of Business and the School of Communications  that aims to produce and promote Indigenous-centered curriculum and programming for the next generation of leaders, working to increase access to education for Indigenous students in an attempt to address reconciliation. The three-year initiative began in May 2017 as a continuation of the Suncor Aboriginal Business Education pilot project”. – MRU Media



2016 United Way corporate challenge a huge success!

Congratulations to all of the faculty, staff and students that made this year’s United Way Corporate Challenges a big success!
The “Pull the Plane”  fundraiser was a group effort with plane pullers, Denise Chenger, Victoria Calvert, Christian Cook, FSO and Aviation students who pulled the plane 50 feet in 22 seconds! This fundraiser brought in $1350.00.
Bissett Faculty: Denise Chenger and Christian Cook

The “Shave the Beard” event was held Oct 25th, raising $1400 for the United Way and $1000 for  the Terry Fox campaign. Over seventy students, faculty and administrators attended. The Financial Students Organization raised the majority of the funds through several activities including a raffle. The Book Store, Dana Foods, and Continuing Education kindly donated items for the raffle.

Many thanks to Victoria Calvert who organized the event, and to Jim Fischer for volunteering to shave his beard, Katharine McGowan who baked over 150 cookies and to Chair, Jim Silovs for dedicating $200 from his area to cover the cost of pizza to feed the crowd.

Thanks also goes to Dean,  Elizabeth Evans,  for donating $500 from her office to finance  the United Way banana fundraising activities organized by Kendra Hart and her four marketing classes on October 27th. Through banana sales and the use of social media, they raised an amazing $4000.00!

Jim Shaving his beard.
The “After” Picture
Katharine McGowan and her freshly baked cookies

Bissett School of Business, Associate Professor, Dr. Melanie Peacock, co-authors Human Resources textbook

The Bissett SchooI of Business is pleased to announce the release of Dr. Melanie Peacock’s text book: Essentials of Managing Human Resources, Sixth Edition.
Published by Nelson Education, this sixth edition provides an encompassing overview of human resources including practices, processes and systems as well as providing a glimpse into emerging trends.
The authors have a wealth of experience as teachers and active HR practitioners and include their real-life experience and stories to make the content relatable and relevant to students. This new edition will appeal to business students and help them understand the value of strategic human resources policies and practices, as both individuals and managers within an organization. – Nelson
For more information on this text, please follow the link:

On behalf of the Bissett School of Business, we congratulate Dr. Peacock on her accomplishment.

Leah Hamilton, discusses research findings on benefits of Mentoring: CTV News Calgary

Leah Hamilton, Assistant Professor, Bissett School of Business, was invited to present her latest research findings by Talent Pool, regarding the benefits of mentoring in the work force. By profiling the Harry G. Schaefer Mentorship Program that pairs senior Mount Royal University undergraduates with industry mentors, Leah, the lead researcher, found that mentoring was a mutually beneficial exercise to both the mentor and mentee.

Pairing students with industry mentors not only helps employ-ability but also career advancement once employed. In an economic downturn where many people are experiencing transition, mentorhship may prove to be very beneficial.

For the mentors, insight gained helped with both recruitment and retention of new grads.

Bissett School of Business congratulates Leah on her research.

To see the feature on Leah’s research on CTV Calgary, follow the link:


Associate Dean, Paul Varella provides comments to CBC News regarding Calgary’s descending real estate market.

The Calgary Real Estate Market continues to decline and Associate Dean,  Paul Varella, advises that longevity is the key when it comes to real estate investment.

The Mortgage Broker News picked up an expanded upon the CBC article. To read news report, please follow the links: