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Bissett School of Business, Associate Professor, Dr. Melanie Peacock, co-authors Human Resources textbook

The Bissett SchooI of Business is pleased to announce the release of Dr. Melanie Peacock’s text book: Essentials of Managing Human Resources, Sixth Edition.
Published by Nelson Education, this sixth edition provides an encompassing overview of human resources including practices, processes and systems as well as providing a glimpse into emerging trends.
The authors have a wealth of experience as teachers and active HR practitioners and include their real-life experience and stories to make the content relatable and relevant to students. This new edition will appeal to business students and help them understand the value of strategic human resources policies and practices, as both individuals and managers within an organization. – Nelson
For more information on this text, please follow the link:

On behalf of the Bissett School of Business, we congratulate Dr. Peacock on her accomplishment.