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Linking North and South: A Place based project to share the art, culture and geography of the North

Bissett’s Victoria Calvert alongside Mount Royal University Geology professor, Lynn Moorman, hope to share and educate Mount Royal students about art, culture and geography of the Canadian north.

Lynn co-led an expedition throughout the Northwest Passage and used her extensive relationships within the Innu community to organize buying opportunities from many isolated Innu communities.

The unique sculptures represent the rich cultural heritage and the habitat of the Innu communities. This art work will become part of the MRU teaching collection and will also be displayed for the first time at an art exhibit in the Interactive Centre this coming March (2018).

Calvert and Moorman, are in the process of making the exhibit,  and other resources available to a variety of  faculties  with the hope they develope and utilize modules within their own curricula.  One possible such inclusion may be the  Bissett Marketing department under the direction of David Finch, who is  looking to develop a project in the 2018 Marketing capstone course to develop a distributing system/strategy for the Innu Artists.

For more information regarding the possible opportunities, please contact Victoria Calvert.