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Bissett Professor Rachael Pettigrew a panelist at Deloitte Inclusion Event

On Tuesday,  April 17th, Bissett Assistant Professor, Rachael Pettigrew was a panelist for Deloitte’s event;  Beyond Optics: Building an Inclusive Organization.  The event was to focus on how organizations can realize the full potential of their workforce by driving inclusion growth.

The panel discussion  was moderated by Farah Huq, Director of Deloitte’s Future of Canada Centre  and lead participants  through the importance of inclusion in Canadian organizations, the effects of culture and policy, and the benefits and investments associated with it.

In addition to Rachel, featured panelists included Dave Mowat, CEO of ATB Financial; Jake Stika, co-founder of Next Gen Men;  and Liz Elliott, Executive Director of Families that Work.

“Rachael’s primary research focus is organizational policies and culture-surrounding employees’ management of work and life responsibilities, with specific focus on gender in the workplace and employee supportive policies and practices. The second research stream focuses on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.”