Bissett Insider

Bissett Instructor Kris Hans keeping busy with speaking engagements and mentoring

In addition to teaching Business Communications here at Bissett, Kris is described as an ideas generator and a social entrepreneur. Kris’s passion is working with student and start-up ventures to help grow their businesses and diversify the Alberta Economy.

Kris Hans recently presented an informative cyber security seminar on MRU campus this past October, titled:  Artificial Intelligence: Sci-Fi vs. Reality -Think that artificial intelligence is limited to robots of the future that will threaten humanity? Think again. Artificial intelligence is already here and being used in products all around us.  Kris  explains what artificial intelligence really is, how it is being used, how it is impacting our privacy and what should concern us about its use in the future.

Kris will also be a part of the Pinnacle Leadership Challenge Workshops. His workshop with the Pinnacle series will focus on Personal Branding;  ensuring one’s digital footprint is effective in showcasing who you are.  The  next workshop is on Thursday, November 21, 12 pm at the Programming and Volunteer  Room, 2nd floor of Wyckham House (Z204).