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Our SoTL CoP will be launching into a discussion of learning theories at our next meeting. As it happens, there was also a recent request for resources on adult learning theory on the STLHE LinkedIn group.  A few websites were recommended in that discussion.  They are listed below, with some comments from Michelle:

I. Categories

The following two sites try to organize the learning theories into broad categories, as we will do next meeting. You will notice they do so in slightly different ways, for example, some people would categorize constructivism as a type of cognitivism, while other people would give constructivism its own category.

Index of Learning Theories and Models 

Learning Theories Site Map!

II. Comprehensive Lists

The following two sites list broad arrays of theories. 

Learning Theories – this site does not categorize but just lists a variety of theories alphabetically!

This site is the one recommended in the Kanuka article – it is interesting in the sense that it groups theories that are related under the original theorist, such as B.F. Skinner. But then it also has categories like Behaviorism – it is a bit overwhelming I’d say. 🙂 

III. Andragogy
Andragogy is a theory of adult education that some people like to distinguish from pedagogy (if you consider pedagogy to be related to children – also up for debate). A good summary of Malcolm Knowles’ work on by Gayla Keesee can be found here (and browse the site for more):–Adult%20Learning%20Theory#!

IV. A visual representation of everything – just for fun

A Visual Guide To Every Single Learning Theory – at Edudemic


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