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Look what turned up in Janice Miller Young’s feedly feed: Kathleen McKinney has posted a great list of tips for disseminating SoTL work  – everything from considerations of the research and writing process to the mechanics of writing for particular publications – including this one:

“7. SoTL is action, practioner, applied research. Spend time in the discussion section talking about how you have used the results and/or plan to use the results (specific changes and actions) to enhance student learning. Make application suggestions for readers. You would be amazed at how often this area is neglected in SoTL papers.”

Highly recommended!

And in other news – Nancy Chick forwarded this article from Teaching in Psychology – among other things the authors found “Thus, the citation patterns of authors’ teaching research are not distinguishable from their traditional discipline research.” Interesting when we consider evaluating scholarly work…

Tomcho, T. J., Foels, R., Walter, M. I., Yerkes, K., Brady, B., Erdman, M., … & Manry, A. (2014). Outside the Classroom and Beyond Psychology A Citation Analysis of the Scientific Influence of Teaching ActivitiesTeaching of Psychology,




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