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Satan Ransomware Removal Instructions – 01/23/17


Sooo, you have been nailed by the Satan Ransomware bug. What do you do? Well, if the nasty thing is sitting on a Mount Royal workstation, device or laptop call the ITS Service Desk. If it is your home machines or device, no worries because you have followed our terrific advice and have backed up your data regularly…right? If you didn’t quite get around to that all is not lost.  Some nice people at PCrisk have a solution for you. More specifically the wonderful Tomas Meskauskas has written an article detailing how to get rid of the awful thing.  Do note, that his instructions only apply to the Satan Ransomware bug. If you have another version of ransomware, his procedure will not work. Once you have followed his advice and successfully averted disaster, do remember to perform those regular backups. The next time you get a ransomware infection, there might not be removal instructions for it.