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The Cyber Guys are coming! – 01/11/22

January 2022 is here! As promised, next week we will be releasing the first Cyber Guys video. This short video is super fun. As a reward for watching you will earn a contest entry code. Have a giggle, get a cybersafety reminder and earn codes. What could be better? Log into the Security Education Platform and check your My Assignments list to find the video link.

The return of the Cybercafe – 12/15/21


To level the playing field for the Cybersecurity Challenge for those working from home, starting in January 2022, the Cybercafe will return. Once a month I will make myself available from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm virtually for questions, MFA support or to discuss the latest cybersecurity threat. Everyone who stops in will get two contest entry codes, the same ones given out at the Cybersecurity Roadshow.  This prevents double dipping, evens things out and gives our working from home folks a chance to catch up.

I am hoping that this will give everyone an equal chance to participate in the challenge and encourage those who may have felt left out to join in. This is an excellent opportunity for your team to catch up and earn some entries.  See you all in 2022!

It is survey time! Participate and win a $50 gift certificate! – 12/06/21


It is that time of the year when we look back at last year’s program and figure out what worked, what didn’t and where we can improve. To help us determine if we are on the right track, we need your help.  Please take 5 min to complete our survey.  To ensure that we are learning about what people are doing on campus rather than what they know they should be doing, the survey is anonymous. You can freely admit your sins safe in the knowledge we will never know who you are. Your honestly will help us determine the direction of our program next year. You can take the survey here.

The Cybersecurity Newsletter has a new look! – 10/22/21

The cybersecurity awareness program at MRU rebranded earlier this fall. It took us a while, but we have also rebranded the Cybersecurity Newsletter. Gone is the blue background, sections have been reorganized and we have a fancy new header to match our new program branding. We hope it will now be easier to read as well as to find the information that is most useful for you.  Look for the new format newsletter to arrive in your inbox on Friday.

If you aren’t a subscriber, now is the time to do so. Get the latest news on current attacks and how to stay cybersafe. Once you subscribe, you can share what you learn with family and friends. Don’t delay, subscribe now.



October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month – 09/29/21


It is Cybersecurity Awareness Month!!  To celebrate we have several activities planned.  As always, the Cybersecurity Challenge will run from October 1 to March 31. This year the Challenge has a new sponsor,  WBM! The teams have been reorganized to ensure they are of equal size so the competition should be as fierce as it was last year. Will the Facilities Management team finally be unseated or will they be victorious once again?

The Virtual Treasure hunt that was so popular last year is back with new clues and puzzles. Solve the puzzles and use the clues to find the location of the treasure. Everyone can participate.

We have two new Cybercrime Series talks scheduled as well. Brian Reed from Proofpoint will be discussing insider threats, the horror stories that go with them and how to protect yourself. Jason Kell from Teknologi1 will be discussing attacks to Industrial Control Systems and the repercussion.

Come join in, have fun, earn contest entry codes and learn how to stay cybersafe!

Our cybersecurity awareness program has a new look! – 09/02/21

After 5 successful years, the cybersecurity team is saying goodbye to our superheroes. While they served us well, we recognized that it was time for a change. Our survey let us know that the campus was looking for branding that was more professional but still used simple straight forward messaging.  Introducing The Shield.



Look for the new posters, screen slides and stickers as they pop up around campus. We hope you love our new look as much as we do.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Yes you can test out of your cybersecurity awareness training – 11/22/21


While training for new hires has been live for a while now, we had to hold off releasing the new training for those who are not new to Mount Royal until our content was approved.  We finally have approval! We are approaching things very differently this year and want to make sure everyone understands how the new program works before they are enrolled in the training.

So what are we doing differently?  The new hires have the same training program we used last year. This ensures everyone who comes to campus knows the basics. This training is now live and ready for enrollment. If you didn’t finish your new hire cybersecurity awareness training last year, you will be re-enrolled in the same program again.  However we are aware that taking training on the same subjects every year is getting a bit tiresome. So if you have taken training in the past, you will find a pre-test in your Security Education Platform My Assignments list. The questions in the pre-test are organized into categories. If you get one or more questions in each category wrong, you will be assigned training on that topic.  If you get all the questions right, you will not have to do any cybersecurity training.

Unfortunately if you handle payment card data or are a high value target you will still have specialized training modules designed for your role that you will have to complete.

Even when you know how to be cybersafe, small reminders make being cybersafe easier.  Starting January 2022, a new Cyber Guys video will be ready for viewing every month. These short 3 to 4 minute videos remind you how to avoid becoming a victim while tickling your funny bone.  This is one time you can watch a funny video and not have your boss frown at you.

To view the videos, just login to the Security Education Platform. They will be in your My Assignment list. They are not mandatory to watch but we think they are just entertaining enough that you will want to. Unfortunately if you are a new hire, you will have to wait until next year to see the videos. That little treat is only available to those who have had training in the past.


  • If you have new hires they can enroll and start their cybersecurity or PCI awareness training right away.
  • If you didn’t finish your new hire cybersecurity awareness training last year, you will be enrolled in it again this year.
  • If you have completed training in the past, you will take a pre-test to determine what training topics you will be assigned.

We really, really hope that all of you enjoy this new approach to training and find it helps you stay cybersafe.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at and I would be happy to answer any questions.


How to check your cybersecurity awareness training status 04/15/21

Reminders are going out for everyone to complete their cybersecurity awareness training. In response people are noticing they have no training assignments and are wondering if they have completed the training or not.  These wonderful folks usually completed their training in October.

Unlike Blackboard, the new Security Education Platform doesn’t let you access modules once they are completed. They are removed from your assignment list. However you can still see what training you have completed by looking at your Report Card.

To access your Report Card, click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the platform window and then select My Report Card.  It will show you the status of all your assignments.

Please note that the name has been blurred out in this screenshot.  In addition, you will see the cybersecurity survey in your assignment list.  This survey is no longer available. Don’t worry if you didn’t complete it, it was optional.

I hope this helps those of you who can’t remember if you completed your training or not. If you have any other questions about the cybersecurity awareness training, please feel free to continue to contact me.


Let us know what you think of the Be a Superhero branding and earn contest entry codes – 03/01/21



The cybersecurity awareness program at MRU has been around for several years now.  Throughout that time we have encouraged the campus community to Be Superheros by practicing cybersafe behavior.  While the Be a Superhero branding has worked well for us, we are always looking for ways to make the program more engaging and effective.

We would like your feedback on our branding. Let us know if you still want to Be a Superhero or if it is time to leave our capes behind.  You can find the survey here.

Everyone who completes the survey will receive a contest entry code for the Cybersecurity Challenge and a chance to win a $250 Best Buy gift certificate. As this is the last month to collect entry codes, this is a great way to get entries in and move your team forward.


The annual cybersecurity survey – 12/03/20


This week you will have received an email asking you to complete the cybersecurity survey for 2020. This annual survey lets us know what the MRU community has learned over the past year and helps us determine the direction and focus for the year ahead.

This year the survey is being administered through the Security Education Platform. This allows us to more easily analyze the data that we collect. The survey appears in your assignment list. Although it looks like an assessment, it is not. Completion is voluntary. No one sees the individual results except the IT security team and the data will be anonymized for reporting purposes.

We want to know what your cybersecurity habits are as well as what you know. The goal is to determine if the information and tips we are giving you are helping you practice cybersafe behavior or if we need to approach things differently to provide you the support that you need.  As a thank you for helping make the program better, everyone who completes the survey by December 21, 2020 receives two contest entry codes into the Cybersecurity Challenge draw for a $250 Best Buy gift certificate.