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Android banking malware targets hundreds of apps on Google Play – 04/18/17

It has happened again.  Funny Videos 2017 is just one of hundreds of legitimate apps on Google play have been infected with malware. This latest version of malware interacts with the user’s bank and credit card apps, placing a fake login page over the official one.  The fake login page collects the user’s login credentials and gives the cyber criminals full access to the user’s bank account or credit card.

Google has removed the infected apps from Google Play. Unfortunately that doesn’t help the users who fell victim. How do you reduce the possibility of being a victim of an infected app?  Before you download an app:

  • Read user reviews
  • Install anti-virus software on your phone

In addition, don’t download apps that ask for unusual permissions (ie. asking for the ability to change settings). Once an app is downloaded, if your phone start behaving unexpectedly uninstall it immediately. If the behavior continues, perform a factory reset on your phone.