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ALERT – Phone scam targeting Mount Royal University – 10/11/17


Residence Services is reporting voice mail messages are being left on their phones threatening legal action if the call is not returned. The callers are requesting banking information and are calling from a 705 area code.

If you ever receive a threatening phone call requesting banking or personal information over the phone:

  1. Politely inform the caller you will call the organization or institution directly.
  2. Hang up.
  3. Call the organization or institution directly using a phone number that you know is legitimate. Do not use a phone number given to you by the caller.

Remember, if the call is legitimate you will be able to contact the caller through their organization/institution general contact number. If you cannot, you know the call is a scam and can ignore it.  For more information on phone scams, check out the Crime Stoppers Telephone Scams page.