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Bissett Associate Professor, Paul Varella accepts an Adjunct Professorship in Holland

Bissett School of Business is pleased to announce that our own Associate Professor, Paul Varella, has joined the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at the Utrecht University as an Adjunct (Visiting) Professor. This institutional linkage will facilitate joint academic initiatives in research and education.

The Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development is the scientific institute for sustainability research and teaching of Utrecht University. They contribute to the transition to a sustainable society through scientific excellence in a multi-disciplinary environment. Their work is rooted in multi-disciplinary teams of four research groups: Energy and Resources, Environmental Governance, Environmental Sciences and Innovation Studies.

The formal connection will allow Paul to develop collaborative research initiatives and also supervise graduate students in their Masters and PhD programs. A program of interest for Bissett and MRU alumni is the Masters in Sustainable Business and Innovation;  offering the potential for connectivity to both the Institute for Environmental Sustainability  and the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Paul extends his deepest appreciation for the Department’s, Bissett’s and MRU’s sabbatical support and IES funding, which has allowed this one-of-a-kind experience for his academic work.

Congratulations Paul and good luck at Utrecht!

David Finch works with several co-authors to expand the Designing YOU brand to include career guides

In 2017, Ray DePaul and David Finch co-authored Designing YOU for our Bissett students. This book, complimentary for all faculty and students, challenges them to apply the principles of product design to their lives. Over the past year, David has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of MRU authors in developing an entire series of Designing YOU Career Guides to support students’ work down very specific career paths. These guides explore some of the crucial questions facing anyone exploring their future:

  • What are the different careers options?
  • What does it take to be a professional in a specific area?
  • What’s the future of different professions and what does this mean to our students?
  • How have other professionals got to where they are today?
  • And the inevitable… how much money can they make doing different jobs?

Since September, David has co-authored six career guides with MRU faculty, with three more on the way:

  • Broadcast Media YOU* with  Brad Clark
  • Computing YOU with Michael Uzoka and Janet Miller
  • English Major YOU with Bill Bunn
  • Journalism YOU with Janice Paskey
  • Marketing YOU with Sharon McIntyre and Ray DePaul
  • Psychology YOU* with Evelyn Field and Janet Miller
  • Public Relations YOU* with Jane McNichol
  • Sport & Recreation YOU with David Legg and Julie Booke
  • Supply Chain Management YOU with Brian Fleming

*To be released by June 1.

All eBooks in the Designing YOU series are in the Creative Commons and available complimentary to students and educators at

In the next step, David and Ray are collaborating with their colleagues and students in broadcast media studies to develop a series of pilot Designing YOU podcasts profiling MRU alumni from a range of fields.

If you’re interested in enquiring about the process to develop a Designing YOU Career Guide for your discipline, please contact David at

Congratulations to David, Ray and all of their  co-authors. We look forward to hearing and learning more about Designing You!

Bissett students win 2018 CFA Society Winnipeg Ethics Challenge!

Bissett School of Business would like to congratulate the winning team of the 2018 CFA Society Winnipeg Ethics Challenge: Dylan Assen, Tiffany Doyle, Harrison Kozak, Andy McAuley, Graham Perry and Faculty Adviser, Catherine Roy Heaton.

Winners, 2018 CFA Winnipeg Ethics Challenge, Mount Royal

Our Bissett team competed against six other universities that are members of the CFA Institute University affiliation program and/or embed financial ethics into their curriculum. Those institutions include the  University of Alberta, University of Calgary, University of Saskatchewan, University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg.

“The teams had four weeks to analyze and evaluate a case which presented several ethical dilemmas and then identify the violations of the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.”  Students presented their findings, gave recommendations and were grilled by a panel of industry professionals.  Bissett Chair and faculty adviser of the team, Catherine Roy Heaton,  indicated the students excelled through their preparation and work ethics, teamwork, strong presentation skills, comprehension of the Code and Standards and the ability to apply their learned acumen to “real world applications” is what made them the stand out team.

The team will be representing Bissett at Nationals in Vancouver this coming May, competing against the top teams from across Canada. Bissett School of Business  wishes the students a successful showing in Vancouver and would like to extend our thanks to Cathy for her continued dedication and mentor-ship to the CFA Ethics team!


In case you missed it: our Bissett professors continue to provide commentary to a variety of media outlets

Patti Derbyshire –  MEC drops brands from Vista Outdoors

Uthpala Tennakoon – Dating and the workplace

Mohammed El Hazzouri – Dealership threatens to sue over bad review 

Mohammed El Hazzourri – Saks Fifth Avenue opens in Chinook 

Melanie Peacock – Cenovus Layoffs 

Melanie Peacock – Should employers have the right to discipline – or fire- employees for their social media posts?    

Donna Lazdowski – Calgary Merchants forced to be innovative in battling online retailers 


Bissett to Play Key Role in Small Business Institutional Consortia

Partnering with Universities of Alberta, Calgary, Lethbridge, and NAIT, Bissett will play a key role in a the Small Business Steward Pilot research program. In addition to aiding in business start-up success in Alberta by making it easier for small businesses to locate and access available business support, the pilot will collect valuable information and data that can be used by academia, government and service providers to better respond to small business needs and economic trends. Please contact Professor Simon Raby for more information (

Mohammed El Hazzouri, Associate Professor, has study published in International Journal of Research in Marketing

Bissett School of Business would like to congratulate our own, Mohammed El Hazzourri for his most recent publication in the International Journal of Research in Marketing, entitled Ethnic minority consumers’ reactions to advertisements featuring members of other minority groups.

Identifying a “largely overlooked” area of research , Mohammed and his fellow researchers wanted to study how ethnic minorities respond to advertisements featuring other ethnic minority groups.

Mohammed’s research has recently been featured in media outlets such as The Conversation and the National Post.

Bissett Research on Small Business Growth a Big Hit!

Professor Simon Raby, a new member of faculty in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship, recently launched the findings of an 18-month study on the growth of Alberta’s Small and Medium-Enterprises. In the past four week alone, the report entitled “What Drives SME Growth? Introducing the Leader’s Growth Mindset” has been read online over 1,000 times and has been downloaded 300 times from, ranking Raby in the top 1% of academics for impact on this global platform. A short (6 minute) animated video is now available. You can find this video and report here:

Congratulations Simon, we look forward to future updates.




Linking North and South: A Place based project to share the art, culture and geography of the North

Bissett’s Victoria Calvert alongside Mount Royal University Geology professor, Lynn Moorman, hope to share and educate Mount Royal students about art, culture and geography of the Canadian north.

Lynn co-led an expedition throughout the Northwest Passage and used her extensive relationships within the Innu community to organize buying opportunities from many isolated Innu communities.

The unique sculptures represent the rich cultural heritage and the habitat of the Innu communities. This art work will become part of the MRU teaching collection and will also be displayed for the first time at an art exhibit in the Interactive Centre this coming March (2018).

Calvert and Moorman, are in the process of making the exhibit,  and other resources available to a variety of  faculties  with the hope they develope and utilize modules within their own curricula.  One possible such inclusion may be the  Bissett Marketing department under the direction of David Finch, who is  looking to develop a project in the 2018 Marketing capstone course to develop a distributing system/strategy for the Innu Artists.

For more information regarding the possible opportunities, please contact Victoria Calvert.

Bissett Stock Market Challenge: the 13th Annual ATB Investment Challenge is up and running!

The 13th Annual ATB Investor Services Investment Challenge, otherwise known as the Bissett Stock Market Competition, is up and running. This year has seen a record number of participants, with 96 students involved. Students in teams of three, have until March 30, 2018 to maximize their returns in a real-time simulation. The members of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams win cash prizes and a luncheon with members of ATB Investor Services. The 1st place team is also immortalized on the Stock Market Competition trophy. The competition is grateful to ATB for their support of this competition. For more details, contact Jim Fischer.

Bissett Awarded Project by Key UK Small Business Think Tank

Professor Simon Raby, along with colleagues Chad Saunders (Haskayne School of Business) and Geoff Gregson (JR Shaw School of Business) have been awarded funding and access to the U.K.’s Longitudinal Small Business Survey by the U.K.’s Enterprise Research Centre. The project will analyze longitudinal data on impact of small business support on firm performance. Please contact Professor Simon Raby for more information (