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Bissett School of Business Associate Professor, David Finch and undergraduate student, Mackenzie Strong, published in AMLE

The Bissett School of Business would like to congratulate, Associate Professor, David Finch and student, Mackenzie Strong on being published in the Academy of Management Learning + Education Journal:

Institutional Biography and Knowledge Dissemination: An Analysis of Canadian Business School Faculty (February 12, 2016 David Finch, Norm O’Reilly, David Deephouse, William Fister, Loren Falkenberg, Mackenzie Strong)


 “A biographical analysis of 740 faculty members from 13 elite and non-elite Canadian business schools suggests that different knowledge dissemination activities are anchored in a faculty member’s scholar’s socialization and are influenced by both individual and contextual factors. Results suggest that the divide between academics and practitioners in business schools can be bridged with individual faculty members who possess both academic and professional qualifications.”

This project is an outocme of the Business School Research Network (BRSN) initiative. The BSRN was established in 2014 through start-up funding from MRU’s Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship with the goal of conducting research to enhance business school performance through evidence-based management. The BSRN now has ten active projects underway including over 20 researchers from 15 different business schools.
David notes: “Though this is the fifth publication of the BSRN, what Ray and I are most proud of is that one of our own MRU students, Mackenzie Strong, is a co-author. This project emerged from Mackenzie’s directed reading project two years ago. Mackenzie did ALL the heavy lifting on the data collection during her project and had the patience to work through the process. It was a joy to have her on our team and for to publish in an Academy journal as an undergraduate student (I suspect this may be the first time an undergraduate student has ever published in AMLE). I hope this level of achievement inspires all of our students to engage in collaborative research with our faculty”.

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  1. Congratulations! Important work that needs to be addressed and discussed.

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