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This site is for students, faculty, and staff at post-secondary institutions and anyone else who is interested in understanding the experience of AD/HD. Although this website provides some information specific to Mount Royal University, it is intended to be a resource for any post-secondary community. Please share this web address freely as you wish. 

Our aim: Provide easier access to information specifically relevant to academic success for adult students who have been diagnosed with, or are questioning a diagnosis of, AD/HD.

We offer: Basic information on typical AD/HD challenges in a post-secondary context, and ideas about how to live well with AD/HD.

Author: Mirjam Knapik, Ph.D., R.Psych., Student Counselling Services, Mount Royal University. Contributors from Alberta campuses are invited to author pages related to their expertise. This includes students who would like to share their challenges, strategies, and successes. Those interested can contact Mirjam at mknapik@mtroyal.ca

PLEASE NOTE: Difficulties with attention, concentration, impulsiveness and restlessness, are associated with many other conditions. There is no quick screening that will provide a proper diagnosis. Please pursue a proper assessment if you struggle with these symptoms. For more information, see topics in our assessment section.

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  1. mknapik

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