CCIS presents New Canadian Artist Award

The Calgary Catholic Immigrant Society (CCIS) has established a New Canadian Artist Award to be presented at the Mayor’s Lunch for Arts Champions in 2013. The award was established to recognize that artists from all parts of the world enrich Calgary’s arts sector. This award recognizes and supports an individual artist who, due to their cultural background and relatively recent arrival to Canada, finds themself facing communication barriers, difficulties in transferring relevant credentials and isolation from the Calgary arts community. The intent of the award is to help these artists pursue their artistic work and connect with the institutions and support networks that are
available to Calgary artists.

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Andres Diaz returns – Dec 7 – 10, 2012

He’s one of our favourite visiting cello faculty – and he’s back for 4 packed days of private lessons and masterclasses with our Academy students.

The last time he was here for the Academy, he was our Wyatt Artist in Residence, and brought the house down with his performance of Tan Dun’s Elegy: Snow in June, along with local percussionists Brent Van Dusen, Rob Maciak, Eric Bumstead and Bob Senske.

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What your children learn in orchestra

What your children are learning in Orchestra

Did you know that participating in orchestra will teach your children important team-building skills that will last them a lifetime?

SP NeumannA few weeks ago, I was listening to a Mount Royal University Conservatory orchestra rehearsal, with Ben Neuman conducting. My mind was on my work, training workshops for team building in organizations, but then I became aware of what the children were doing. They were displaying the most important parts of team-building. By focusing on the rehearsal, I began to see the major components of team building in Mr. Neuman’s approach to rehearsing; the same ones used in team-building with adults.

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There’s a new sheriff in Choralville

There’s a new sheriff in Choralville…

SP Bleau LgeThis past July marked a significant changing of the guard in the Mount Royal Choral Program. Jean-Louis Bleau has taken charge of the entire Mount Royal Choral Program. His predecessor, David Ferguson, has been a mainstay to Mount Royal’s choirs for the past several decades, so devoted to the programs that he stayed on as artistic director 10 years after his retirement.

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