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AHS offer of $100 for getting vaccinated is fake – 03/11/22


There is a particularly devious smishing attack currently being circulated. Check it out.



This one is extremely well done for several reasons. First, the chances are high that whoever receives this text is vaccinated.  Second, the Alberta Government was indeed sending out $100 debit cards to those who got vaccinated last fall. Third, the link appears to go to Alberta Health Services. Lastly, we have all seen the sign-in partner prompt when dealing with the CRA or when receiving an e-transfer.

So what are the red flags? If you hover over the link, it will display a different URL than what you see in the link.  In addition, the Alberta Government’s program was to distribute debit cards, not deposit money directly into your  bank account. Also, that program ended in the fall and there is no new program to encourage you to get your booster.

No one I know has clicked the link to see what will happen. However, I can make a pretty good guess from the way the information is presented. Likely, the link takes you to a page that asks for your banking credentials.

As much as we could all use an extra $100 right now, this one falls into the “Too good to be true”, category.

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