Jazz workshop heating up summer at the Conservatory


rubim-bw-new-smallCalgarians are at long last celebrating the darling buds of May, but Rubim de Toledo already has his eye on summer.

This week, the jazz bassist will be visiting four different Calgary high schools — Central Memorial, Lord Beaverbrook, Western Canada and E.P. Scarlett.

He’s singing the praises of the Conservatory’s summer jazz workshop Aug. 11-15. REGISTRATION OPEN NOW!

“I love that the camp has something for everyone; junior high, senior high, university and adult students all benefit as we have seven different combo levels,” says de Toledo, director of the summer jazz workshop.

“Everyone can be comfortable and be assured that they will surrounded by students at their level but will also get that push that helps students improve,” he said.

“Jazz music is all about exploration and collaboration. It’s about improvising and creating in the moment, performing with a group of musicians who share the same passion you have for music and finding new and exciting ways to express yourself through music.”

The credit-free summer jazz workshop features Conservatory faculty jazz greats you can see playing here:

Tyler Hornby, drums

Jon Day, trumpet

Carsten Rubeling, trombone

Sheldon Zandboer, piano

Ralf Buschmeyer, guitar

Jim Brenan, saxophone

The workshop is for all students of piano, bass, guitar, drums, trombone, trumpet and saxophone, ages 13 and over. Adults are welcome.

Novice students will be introduced to the essence of jazz—namely improvisation and performance— while those already acquainted with jazz will benefit from the week’s immersion in improvisation, rehearsal and performance:

  • Enhance your understanding of jazz styles and history
  • Explore jazz theory and apply techniques, scale exercises and chord constructions from jazz masters to your own playing
  • Expand your repertoire with jazz standards chosen to challenge all levels of skill and experience
  • Improve your combo/improvisation playing skills; Interpret lead sheets through ensemble work as combos, rhythm and horn sections, during jam sessions, rehearsals and in performance

 Register today! 

2014SummerJazzWkshop Sherri Zickefoose, May 7, 2014

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