A Conversation with Violinist Tadeusz Gadzina

Violinist Tadeusz Gadzina
Violinist Tadeusz Gadzina teaching at Morningside Music Bridge at Mount Royal Conservatory.

Since 2002, violinist Tadeusz Gadzina has come to Canada to teach at Morningside Music Bridge.

Student Yaegy P. from New York takes a master class from Tadeusz Gadzina.
Student Yaegy P. from New York takes a master class from Tadeusz Gadzina.

His talent, warmth and humour abound in master classes, and it’s no accident: as a music professor at the Fryderyk Chopin Music University in Warsaw, Gadzina is surrounded by young talent. Here in Calgary at Mount Royal Conservatory’s Morningside Music Bridge, Gadzina is teaching accomplished students from China, Poland, Canada, the United States and Taiwan.

Question: What is your favourite part about teaching at Music Bridge?

Tadeusz Gadzina: If I see immediate results! Like we saw today! I learn a lot from young people. That is absolutely the main idea of mine to teach. I started as a student, as an assistant to my professor at the University of Chopin. It’s funny, sometimes people ask me ‘do you have children,’ and I say no, but then I think, my god, I have 150. Because it’s a relationship, it’s not a class with distance between student and teacher. There is contact, sensitivity, there’s a connection.

Question: How important is Morningside Music Bridge?

Tadeusz Gadzina: This program is priceless. The title alone — the music bridge — helps create a global village. In light of what’s happened with the Malaysian airlines news, maybe this is the beginning to have a connection that people will come much closer. That is, for me, what Morningside is all about.

Question: How important is teaching the next generation of musicians to you?

Tadeusz Gadzina: It’s the most rich gift from the gods if you like to do it. And I love to do it.

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By Sherri Zickefoose, July 21, 2014

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